Best Measurement cards compatible with python



Any suggestion for buying a measurement card that has python drivers? I have a vague idea about Adwin and National instrument boards. Are there any cheaper version of measurement cards?


Hello Biswajit!
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Are you looking from a hobbyist perspective or from a scientific perspective?


National Instruments has released python drivers for their cards:

For 95€ (the cheapest on NI) you already have a card with 8 input channels and 12-bit resolution:

If you need outputs, the price immediately goes to €210.

Alternatively, you have the MCC cards (which I haven’t tested personally):

The USB-202, for example, has 2 analog outputs for 144€.

And of course, you have the better known LabJack:

If, on the other hand, you are looking for home projects and want to spend less money, I suggest you to check:

Arduino, for which you can draw some inspiration in the github:

And if you are looking for WiFi connectivity, you should definitely check the
ESP8266, which can also be programmed with the Arduino IDE.


Thanks, Aquiles for the useful suggestions. At this moment I am looking for a low-cost-device for learning purpose. But I am also keeping an eye on devices that can be useful in the lab.

The above suggestions are indeed helpful. Especially, the ones from labjack seems attractive.