Cant find DIY PTFL DAQ instructions

Hi all,

Just got started with the PTFL book and made my way reading upto chapter 3. I got myself an Arduino DUE because it said in the book there are instructions on how to build my own PTFL DAQ on the website, however, I have been unable to find the page that has this information. Could someone please link it to me here?


Hello Srinivas,
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Apparently, the instructions to build the device came down during a website update I did, and didn’t realize up to now!

Essentially, you need to load this code to the Arduino:

Remember that you need to install support for the Arduino DUE on the Arduino program:

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By the way, I just did a write up with the instructions in here:

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Thank you! This is great and I’m sure will be very helpful to people finding this post

P.S. I figured it out myself too a few days back. I’m on chapter 6 now.