Hardware abstraction python?

I have been going through your website and it is very helpful. I would like to build a data logging application. I have a few different devices I would like to log. I would like to be able to record from Arduino like devices, USB cameras, DSA boards, and sound cards.

The DSA and soundcards will measure similar signals. I have a bunch of hardware and I want it to be flexible as possible with analog input and output.

NI USB-4431
PXI with - 4461, 4462, 4472
NI 9234
Data Translation 9837
Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 sound card

My current plan is to use HDF5 for data storage and PySide2 the gui.
I think I should do some sort of hardware abstraction for the device groups but I am not entirely sure.

I would appreciate any thoughts or guidance you can offer


Hello Timm,
Welcome to Python for the Lab!

Using HDF5 and PySide2 is a great choice, so I don’t see any problems with that. Not sure what you mean by “some sort of hardware abstraction for the device groups”, but sure, you need to be able to read/write to your devices and extract the data you want to save to the HDF5 files.

I think you should elaborate a bit more on your question so I can try to help you better.