Spyder or Jupyter

I know that for someone switching from Matlab, Spyder seems like a natural choice. However, for people used to Mathematica, Jupyter seems a bit more obvious.
I like that notebooks are very easy to share, and you don’t need to run the code again to see the plots, for instance. You can even put them into websites for other to see. This is very important when trying to make open science.

On the other hand, Spyder has a lot of tools that are very handy, like inspecting variables, such as what Matlab does. It is very easy to see what variables are available at first glance, what data do they have, etc.

In my case, I’m more of a Pycharm developer, but because most of my time I’m developing packages and not analyzing data. Whay software do you use in your daily life?

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emm,I use spyder to write some simple script or test;use vscode to read the python module’s source code;use pycharm to develop project; use jupyter to write course.

Welcome to the forum @ironsimon!

So you use a broad range of tools! I wonder why you use VSCode and Pycharm, since both are relatively similar in features. VSCode is also great to develop projects, and PyCharm is very handy to read source code from modules.

What kind of course do you write in Jupyter?